Leading a remote design team


Leading a remote design team is not that different from leading a design team.

  • Trust your people; focus on results.

  • Ask your people how they’re feeling and over-communicate to stay closely connected ❤️

  • Listen to team members to spot unmet needs, serve, and support.

  • Over-communicate gratitude and praise.

  • Be receptive, empathic, and appreciative of different viewpoints.

  • Encourage co-creation via digital tools (e.g. Miro).

  • If designers are distributed in cross-functional teams and lack collaboration with other designers, organize weekly design critiques, and use digital tools to encourage alignment, transparency, and feedback.

  • Get to know team members personally; create fun remote bonding opportunities (e.g. weekly dinner party via Zoom) 🎉

  • Ask for feedback, and make team members feel heard, valued 🗣

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